ControlPlus is an application that permit the registration of the entrance and departure in your workplace.

With ControlPlus can register easier working hours wherever you stay, request and manage permissions and holidays, create weekly reports and more things.

Easy website and intuitive
ControlPlus is an multiplatform application than works both on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Schedule Control
App of easy access, intuitive, workers can sign and validate workday.


Administrator Panel
Obtain Administrator Panel for only 89.95€/year and manage workdays of your workers, get reports, etc.

¿Can know more about ControlPlus?

No users limit


Multi platform app

Warnings and notifications

Monthly reports

Download our app for FREE

You can download app of ControlPlus for free and start registry workday. For only 89,95€/year get Administrator Panel, for manage and control schedule of your workers. ¡No users limit!

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